What are styled photo shoots?

Styled photo shoots is not lifestyle photography . It is simply just what the name implies, photo shoots that are styled. By styled I mean it is planned right down to the last detail. This includes the clothing your child will wear, if there is a theme, props used, location ect.

Styled photo shoots can be really simple or it can be more detailed, depending on what each client wants. They are only limited by your vision and imagination. These sessions do take a lot more time and planning that normal photo shoots do.

But what I love about styled photo shoots as it is something unique to each client. They can be done using no cost, using a budget or they can be expensive. I will explain all of this as we go forward.

Where does it all start?

  • We need inspiration – it all starts with an idea.
  • Choosing a theme or using storytelling.
  • Planning, planning, planning.
  • Execution.

No cost. Using what nature has provided us.

Melony Smith Photography n

Inspiration used – Nature

Nature has given us so much beauty, and it costs us nothing. We just need an eye to look for the beauty in every day. Using a dandelion, leaves, acorns, flowers, grasses, water, rain, sunsets. All these things create beautiful photos. Make use of what you have around you.

Yes the cost here were the dresses. I have a lot of dresses available in studio, that are free to use. You are also welcome to bring anything that is special to you. I also have a diy on how to make a tulle skirt if you want to make your own unique little dress.

Budget – some cost.

Inspiration – props

This can include props or to make your photo shoot themed. It can be a small budget or a bigger budget.

Some ideas on budget can be using balloons, fairy wings, glitter, bubbles, lamps, fishing rods ect. Or they can include something like ladders, tee-pees, steps, stools, wheelbarrows ect. Budget can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

Styled photo shoots



This will usually include something you have to hire or can’t just buy for your styled shoot. This may include a fancy car you might want, equipment – maybe a tractor or whatever it is that inspired you to do that specific photo shoot.

Inspiration – Dove release

Styled photography dove release photo


Styled photo shoots, can be whatever you dream. To me the most important element would be the clothing. This can either make or break your styled photo shoot. And a pretty good close up to that would be the props you use.

I have a lot of dresses and props available in studio that are available to use. If you would like to do a styled photo shoots and have something specific in mind, let me know and I’m sure we can make it work. If you don’t then I have lots of ideas and we can try some of them out. This will after all be your photos to treasure.