Katie Andelman Workshop

I recently attended a Katie Andelman Workshop, and I do have have the words to express how grateful I am. It was a two in-one mentorship where we spent the day with Katie.

The day started off with us meeting Katie and Christine, we met Bella the cutest little cat, and I even got to hold her pure white bunny. Katie then went on teaching us about camera settings and focus and the importance of getting everything right in camera. We went on to the business side of things which was very informative. Katie answered every question I had and helped me with everything I was struggling with.

We went out for lunch and I got to try an awesome meal from Chipotle (we don’t have this in SA) and it was really good! We then drove to a location where we got to put into practice everything we had learnt. Katie was hands on and guided us every step of the way, making sure we understood everything. While we were taking photos of the two gorgeous little girls (Emily and Carlie) Katie was giving us some posing tips and teaching us about lighting.

We then went back and went over a few last things. Oh and how can I forget! We got to see all Katies dresses that she had. I think I touched every single one of them, and was in my element. Katie designed many of them herself and is now selling a line of clothing. It is called Peach and Penny. At the end Katie gave us a gift – a headband from her collection she makes, which was a nice surprise. Katie then drove me to town and I got to drive in her fancy convertible car and I felt like a boss! Her car is so cool!

I can honestly say this has to be the best investment I made for myself and my business. Katie does this for her love of educating other photographers and is not in it just for the money. I have attended other workshops (which I didn’t even blog about – because they were such a disappointment) but really, this mentoring with Katie was the best money spent. I got more out of this workshop than every workshop combined that I did before.

I just have to add that not only is Katie like one of the the beautiful woman I have met – but inside she has the most beautiful soul ever.She is so kind and no words I write will do her justice, she is just one of those people you have to meet, to understand.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this, and I am so blessed to have met Katie.

Katie Andelman Workshop

Katie Andelman Workshop

If anyone is ever thinking of doing a Katie Andelman Workshop, go for it – you will not regret it. Katie does this because she has a passion for it. I wish that every photographer could get to meet Katie, she really is one of a kind!