Children’s Styled Photography – by Melony Smith

Children’s Styled Photography. Based in Fourways|Johannesburg.

What an honour it has been to do this photo shoot. This family booked me for their session and they came all the way from London. Without any further ado, let me introduce you to Lily.


Children's Styled Photography photo

How adorable is she? Oh and that accent when she speaks, is just the cutest. I must say that little Lily just rocked in this photo shoot.

We found a spot under a huge oak tree, that must be hundreds of years old. There we heaps and heaps of leaves that had fallen to the ground, and Lily had a blast with them. Grabbing handfuls of leaves and throwing them into the air was her favourite thing to do.

Children's photographer

Lily had so much energy and the excitement of her little adventurous soul was a beautiful thing to witness.

I must admit, I was so worried about this photo shoot as we are in winter. A few days before it was freezing here. The day of the photo shoot arrived and we were blessed with a beautiful warm day.

Fourways children's styled photography


Lily called herself the nature princess, and she did make the perfect little princess. Lily even has the crown to prove it. In fact she had two. A flower crown and the “diamond” crown. She didn’t know which one she wanted, we even have some photos where she is wearing both at the same time.

Children's styled photography photo


So much cuteness in this little girl. I hope that she will always be treated as a princess no matter her age. Lily has got a beautiful kind, gentle soul and it was an absolute blessing to be able to take these photos of her, that can be treasured always.

The dress is from Swoon Couture previously known as clicking chicks. Thank you Mariaan.

Photographer: Melony Smith 082 497 5587